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The Medical Throne of Wisdom'  premium health experience
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'The Medical Throne of Wisdom with expert Anna Achimowicz'
An exclusive 1-on-1 Fly-In Premium Consultation experience with Rockstar Physiotherapist and Performing Arts Medicine expert Anna Achimowicz.

1299'-€ (travel + accommodation not included)*
Available NOW! You can Book a session with health specialist Anna Achimowicz in Your recording studio, video set, on-tour day off. Profit from a 3 hour session answering all your health questions, receiving practical coaching as well as get an opportunity to spend time during a coffee Meet & Greet about all things Anna's career path, and her 23 year artistic and medical experience.

Limited Premium Offer available for booking for your recording studio, music video set, touring day - off.
Offer with Limited availability: Only 11 spots for 2023.*



Format: Practice and theory by performing arts medicine specialised Head Physiotherapist of #MusicBANDAid - Anna Achimowicz /CMT/BA/NCMT

Duration: 3H, Format: practice & theory

The Medical Throne of Wisdom with Anna Achimowicz consists of1 x hour Q&A Consultation about your health1 x hour practical coaching, movement analysis and take home tips 1 x hour, Coffee Meet & Greet on all things career and Anna Achimowicz.

 Fee does't include travel and accommodation. Travel to and from as well as accommodation is fully covered by client (individual or organisation), for more details email:

Offer is limited to 11 spots. Pre-registration with 50% downpayment is obligatory for registering your spot. Remaining 100% is paid in full on day of 'TMTOW' Consultation.

​                                                                                                      *Offer Limited effective 11/04/2023

What health problems do we manage and address at  musicbAND Aid
  • carpal tunnel

  • ​cranial lesions, MTJ dysfunction, tinnitus 

  • postoperative complications

  • digestive problems, food 'intolerance'

  • migraine, head-ache 

  • tendonitis

  • back, neck and shoulder strain

  • thoracic outlet syndrome

  • vocal cords strain

  • movement reeducation

  • playing technique

  • musculoskeletal tension

  • chronic joint pain

  • posture disfunction

  • pre and post-operative health management

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